Now, here I am.

My first post.
What made me finally write?
-Is a stranger, who told me, and I quote, “You read then how can you not put all those crazy ideas out? Put it out, even if you feel it is not good enough. For you may under estimate yourself but someone might not.”
So here. I am. Writing.
More like stating. An incident that took place in my life.
This Sunday, today, I learned the art of letting go. I let go of a book. My precious possession. My only possession. Thanks to Sip and Swap. (this isn’t for their promotion. But you should be there for their next meet! Just saying.)
I was there, anxious. I always take care of my books as though it is gold. It is much more precious, I believe. I met several people. And then came this film maker, another stranger, who saw my copy and said, “that is an interesting title.” It was Neon Noon by Tanuj Solanki. He wanted it. So much so that he promised me to take care of it, and read, and return.
Wow. That restores my faith in humanity. It does.
That dragged my attention to why, in the first place, did  I lose my  faith in humanity?
-Communism? Gender inequality? Terrorism? Misuse of Democracy? Lack of Feminism? Lack of Radical ways of life? Lack of Liberal ways of life? Lack of Individualism? Too much of societal pressure? Misuse of Language? Lack of responsibility? Political Aggression? Lack of literacy? Lack of trust? Too much of bias, regional, religious?  Lack of harmony?
Spiritual decline? Social-Media-crazed?
But now, here I am; a little act of kindness- making me fall all over again for goodness in humans. For I have come to realize that people aren’t bad. They just do bad things.

3 thoughts on “Now, here I am.

  1. I must say it’s a very well written first blog post Shivani. You have put in words serious questions that concerns us as a society and as individuals. I hope that you continue to write with such fervor and continue to share your personal narratives for the world to read and ponder about. Eagerly waiting for your next blog post.


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