The high.

Her question was audible despite the ear-splitting music in the background.
“Do you want weed?” She asked.
Without pondering, I jumped at the offer. We left the club and headed to her place. The cold breeze of one a.m. hit my neck, leaving me with a tingling sensation. The auto ride to her place was blurry for in my mind I had thousands of questions.
How? Why? What?
As we were going to the terrace of her building, I asked, aloud,
“What does weed do to you?”
Promptly she replied,
“It transports.”
“Where to?”
“To wherever you want.”
She unlocked the door to heaven or hell, wherever it were to take me and as soon as I stepped in, I realised that I am somewhere in between. I felt I was at the center of universe. I was the sun that everyone could see in darkness. I was completely mesmerised by the view that lay beyond me. I took a swirl to see all of it. To see what lay on all sides of me.
I hopped on the boundary wall and shut my eyes, so my mind could concentrate on what I heard. I heard the waves hitting the shore and few cars racing up in distance far off. I heard the rest of my company discussing how good the night is and the crickets’ chirp and the wind blow with little less of vigour, the silence of the night and hundred of words popping in my mind. I heard someone’s cellphone beep and the creaking sound of the old rusty hinges of the door that brought me to this paradise.
I lay on top of the boundary wall, on the brink of the  material world and I feared that I would fall into the spiritual realm. I feared that I would fall from city into the sea. Yet I stayed still, curled my neck,180 degree backwards, so I could see the moon.
The moon, on its eight or ninth night from amavas, growing. Just like the sapling on the water pipeline or the sleeping puppy, seven floors below me, turning a day older or like my nail, I know it, for a week old nail paint is still there and a thin stroke of white has emerged ahead of it.
Growing, I am growing too; blooming like a flower.
And then I saw the stars and the sea and the skyline and how everything meet at a certain point. I saw enormous buildings, all lights off, sleeping, oblivious to me, to my growing, to the moon and the stars and how all of it was coming together to a picturesque night. A night worthy of Instagram or of many words. Yet going unnoticed by so many of them. But I was there and I would take all of this in, write a million words about it. I would click it, upload it. Or I would just lie down, take it all in, in my head and in my heart and in through all my pores and absorb it. Absorb the darkness and make it one with me. Make it mine. No, not in a possessive way. I could never possess nature. For nature possess me. It makes me. It owns me. So I kept on staring and staring. Staring at everything, at nothing, not blinking for I did not want to miss, for I did not want the dream to break, for I did not want to lose all of this, the beauty and simplicity of it.
“You took my spot.” She said.
I smiled wearily at her.
She passed me the joint and I took my first ever drag of weed.
“Why does anybody do drugs?” My heart asked me.


2 thoughts on “The high.

  1. There is a high in being present in the moment, in being aware, yet letting go. Your observations of a day in your life is quite emphatic and is a perfect way to transport to the spiritual realm…”to the other side”

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