And I sighed.


Oblivion is a bad,  bad feeling

And having  it experienced every now and then makes it worst.

How difficult  it is to understand that the use of me will make you  little less of obnoxious.

You go and talk bullshit, you fail to see the reason behind  the obesity.

It can be anything- stress,  metabolism,  emotional  eating.

Why is it difficult for you to understand  that  they have it and that isn’t  what they are.

Defining and judging on physical appearance  is complete  no no.

That is what you don’t  know.

You call me pretty when I come out round.

Donuts you adore.

Pandas  you are fond of.

Then  why aren’t  humans loved too?

So everytime you  say “Pretty Fat”; forgetting  ‘&’

I sigh. cropped-img_0653.jpg




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