Mad Woman in the New City.

                       Goa Version.                                                IMG_4056

Alcohol. Parties. Hookups.

These three words best describes, stereo-typically,  the smallest state of India -Goa . I did none of these.

What I did at Goa is lose a friend. A friend I was close to. A friend I considered family.

This is how life is supposed to be, isn’t it? Such a paradox life can be at times. Goa, a state that is considered to be friendly and warm, that is where you lose a friend.

*giving a low hysterical laugh*

I never have regretted a thing in my life but this trip I am not sure about. I took this trip with my friend and her mother. Now, I have already heard the doubts and questions like How the hell am I to enjoy with a mother figure? Trust me, my friend’s mother was not the problem.

However the trip was dull and monotonous, so much so, that on the second day itself I felt like leaving my company and go off on my own. I did not, because – friendship.

Now, that I am typing this, I realize I should have selected self over friend.

What keeps me in the dilemma is that even though I lost a friend and I couldn’t really discover the state the way I wanted to, I had some mind blowing moments. Moments that are beautiful. Moments that are mine.

Damn! It is so difficult to turn your hurt into words.

Even when I am trying to find good out of this trip, I cannot get the bad out of it. I can tell the bad but what good will it do?

Even though my trip wasn’t good, I do not want to hate that place.

How can you hate Sea? Beaches?

That was the best part of my trip. I still feel the chills. It was around ten at night, I was under the stars and the waves crashed at my feet and I was on call with one of my favorite persons. And even though we were arguing on the most stupid thing, I loved that moment. It is surely going under the list of my favorite evenings.

Like I said, I couldn’t discover the city but I met a few Goans, who taught me lessons for life and I dedicate the rest of my blog post for them; because they were the ones who made my trip an alluring one.

The first person is Elvis. He is a life guard. His shift was getting over in the evening, thus I asked him whether he would like to see  the sunset with me and he happily agreed. That evening, sunset seemed different. I come to realize that with the right people, sunset always, seems better. He is like Sea. Calm at one moment and Storm at another. And he owned it like a boss. This date with him, was one you read in novels, a long walk on the beach and a peck on cheek in the end. With him, Sea seemed new, fresh, and lovely. Just like you said, Elvis, I will come back because I haven’t lived at your beautiful home.

Then there was the guard at the casino – Apoorva. He came to this new city, far from the land where he was born and brought up. It was him, through which I gained the confidence that no matter which city I go, I will do just fine.

Mr.Bisht – he serves at the resort where I stayed. He became my cricket buddy. We saw the finals together. When I asked him what he felt about his tattoo, which is his name, he said, ” You do things. And then you stick by it. Like you had an option to select otherwise, but you did not. So now, own it up.” It stuck me right in my head. Heart too.

The Old man who belonged to the Sea. He helped me with the dog who wouldn’t stop following me.

And this foreigner who did nothing about guys cat-calling her or clicking pictures of her. She replied saying she was habitual. I was upset and infuriated. I strongly believe that if something  wrong is happening to you, you have to voice it. No matter what sex you are of.

There were many other people I met on this trip but the last one I want to mention is the lone traveler whose pictures I clicked. I am sorry I have lost your email. I still have the pictures I clicked of you. If ever you read this, contact me. We met at Palolem Beach on 21st May 2017 at around five.

I traveled by airplane for the first time. I was completely in awe when I saw the city from above. It was five in the morning and the city was already on the move. Mumbai, I confirmed at that moment, is the most beautiful city, and that no matter where I go, Bombay will always be my home.

As I stepped in my house, I came to realize that no matter how distant I am from my family, I love them and I missed them.

Such was my trip to Goa. Goa was warm to me and accepted me with open arms. I, however, couldn’t seem to enjoy because of my company. I promise to come back Goa and then I will love you, as much as you deserve.







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